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rest api failed

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I am an Android and iOS developer.


I have created a post in stack overflow that will show you, in detail, what my issue is:


As stated in the above link, I have already created my Android app with the same index.js file and with the code provided in the link and it works just fine.


When I run the app in iOS, it does everything except when I go to and log into my account and check the notifications, i am not getting the notification with the drivers id and msg "You received a payment".


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been working on this with no avail and very frustrated.


Thank you.


rest api failed


I can't speak about Android or iOS development as I'm not a software developer and I also can't comment about loading the developer portal within an iOS app.

If you open a normal browser on a mobile or desktop device and enter the address "" do the notiifcations appear then ?

I've tested using my own accounts and I am receiving email notifications for payments received.

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