Pay with Venmo integration is recently broken: Buyer access token not present


We recently heard reports that people were no longer to pay with Venmo during our payment process. When testing the issue, we get to the final step of the process and press the button to complete the payment within Venmo. It takes the user back to the site with no message and there has been no charge made.


This is the integration we have:

When using the barebones integration from this documentation, we are experiencing the same issue. This issue is reproducible on both Android and iPhone. When paying via desktop to Venmo, the same issue occurs.


Console logs show a few issues...
POST 400 (Bad Request)
graphql_CreateUpgradedLowScopeAccessToken_error {err: 'Variable "$buyerAccessToken" of required type "String!" was not provided.', timestamp: '1697565320626', referer: '', sdkCorrelationID: '...', sessionID: '...', …}
Uncaught Error: Buyer access token not present - can not call smart api: /smart/api/order/{ID}/capture
at l (


As best as I can tell, this began recently (within the last day). We have not had any changes on our end. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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This seems to have been fixed on PayPal's end. I am no longer receiving this error.

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Yes, they appeared to have fixed the issue. Thanks!

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Good day @csndev 


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


I kindly advise you to generate a new token and trigger the API request. Please ensure that you are passing the correct payload request when calling the API.


Please follow the steps provided in the detailed guided link below:


Important: Please note that it is important to utilize the token within 24 hours. If it is not used within this timeframe, you will need to generate a new token.


If you are still experiencing the issue after following these steps, kindly create an MTS ticket via the following URL: Please provide a detailed description of the issue you are facing and any error details you have encountered.


Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,


PayPal MTS


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