Help needed for Sandbox Webhooks configuration


Hello to @MTS_Jennifer and all the members of the community

We have the following webhooks configuration on our Live Account that we should replicate on a Sandbox with Account ID : YWM72E6THREF2

Could you please help with:

1) Enable all events listed below for webhook ID2 on all the sandbox webhooks we already configured (all events doesn't seem to work, can't find on the list: Billing_agreements agreement cancelled, Billing_agreements agreement created)

2) Explain what webhook ID1 is, we have braintree integration on live/sandbox accounts, but don't know why that webhook is present and how to manage it.


Thank you! agreement updated
https://YYY/paypal/webhooksID2Billing_agreements agreement cancelled, Billing_agreements agreement created, Checkout order approved, Checkout order completed, Payment-networks alternative-payment completed, Payment authorization created, Payment authorization voided, Payment capture completed, Payment capture denied, Payment capture pending, Payment capture refunded, Payment capture reversed, Payment order cancelled, Payment order created, Payment sale completed, Payment sale denied, Payment sale pending, Payment sale refunded, Payment sale reversed, Payments payment created
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