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Integration of Paypal API


Integration of Paypal API



I have website from where customers can buy online courses. We have already integrated Payment management system (Fusebill) which handles all the transactions, subscription, refund and invoicing for customer purchases. Fusebill has APIs to create and susbcriptions of specific monthly amount and months. So all the product and subscription management is done from there only.


Customer can buy product in 2 way - 


1. Customer can buy product by making full payment.

2. Customer can buy the product in installments by paying some initial amount and later monthly $xyz will be deducted for next n months. 


Payment for all the above 2 cases is handled buy Fusebill System. This system is already working with Credit Card payment method. Now as Fusebill supports Paypal payment method as well we are interested to integrate our Payment management system and website with Paypal APIs.


To integrate the Paypal with fusebill it need paypal BAID to be saved as Payment method on Fusebill so that Fusebill can charge for customer's Purchases/Subscription like it does with Credit card payment method. 


I just refered the Paypal APIs. It says for creating BAID i need to create Billing Plan as well. However Billing plan is already defined on Fusebill and managed from Fusebill only. 


My questiones are as below - 


1. For full product payment (Purchase) - What all APIs to be called to create BAID so that Fusebill can charge customers once user details and product entry is created on Fusebill? We want to store BAID on Fusebill so that refund via Fusebill System could be handled.


2. For installment payment (Subscription) -What all APIs to be called to create BAID  so that Fusebill can charge customers monthly? Do I need to create Billing plan on Paypal. All the subscription data is already managed by Fusebuill so I dont want to provide same on Paypal.


Anyone could provide me series of API calls to be called for both the above cases. I developing system in php.



Note : For full payment I don't want first pay thorugh Paypal and then save data on Fusebill but I want to give BAID to fusebill so that Fusebill can charge once product purchase entry made on Fusebill.