Webhook Data Discrepancies Between Live and Sandbox Environments


Hello Community,

I am facing some challenges with the PayPal webhook data in our live environment, which is providing less information compared to the sandbox environment. Specifically, we are missing crucial details like the product ID and customer information, which are essential for our processes. Here's what we're experiencing:

  1. Webhook Data Issues: In the live environment, the webhook sends significantly less data than in the sandbox. This makes it impossible to perform necessary actions since we rely on details such as product ID and customer info. Has anyone else experienced this discrepancy? Any insights on how to ensure full data is transmitted?

  2. Unexpected Subscription Cancellations: A customer clicked to subscribe, and the subscription was immediately canceled without any clear notification or detailed explanation. The only information received was an event through our webhook, that only had the event id and no additional info like what just happens. This minimal schema differs significantly from our sandbox testing schema. We didn’t receive any emails or notifications about this cancellation, only learning about it through direct communication from the customer. Is this normal behavior, and how can we get more detailed notifications or logs on such events?

I would appreciate any guidance, tips, or shared experiences on how to handle these issues, especially if there are known workarounds or settings adjustments that could help.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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