Paypal checkout money not reaching paypal

Our Sandbox test worked fine Then we moved to live mode, and during real test, I noticed that after I checkout, the bank takes the money, but returns it after few minutes. Two different banks did this. I contacted them and they said, it was from PayPal side. I contacted PayPal, they said the transaction isn't reaching their end or they were not seeing the transaction. Customer support said the reason was : unsupported due to receiver preference. But there is no preference issues on my PayPal business acct. This has caused a 3weeks delay. And I need it resolved ASAP. I am hoping someone here could help.
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Hello @Thegreat79,


This issue could be difficult to troubleshoot through the forum as it is sounds like it might be concerning your PayPal account settings. One condition that could return this error is if you are trying to test your live website  with your own PayPal account or credit card information. Please have a customer or business associate attempt the transaction and if you are still experiencing the issue please create a support ticket via the following URL:, and make sure to provide as much information about the error as possible when submitting the ticket to help us solve this issue in the shortest amount of time possible.








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