How to integrate the PayPal Connect feature with a SaaS platform?


Hello, we're working on developing a SaaS tool, where a user can connect his/her PayPal account (mostly personal) and can sell digital items via the shop feature.

As some of our users are old and not so tech savvy person it is sometimes impossible for them to find the Client_ID and Secret_Key to connect their PayPal account (which is only available for the business account). That's why we would like to introduce the easy connect option but after looking into some documentation, I got the following requirements to become a partner in order to use the multiparty payment option.



Is there any other way to integrate PayPal easily with the system?



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To create REST API credentials (Live/Sandbox) for your PayPal account, please follow the steps below:


1. Login to the


2. Go to the "My apps & credentials" section.


3. Toggle between "LIVE/SANDBOX" environments.


4. Create a new "App" and fill in the required details.


5. Once created, you will be able to access your REST API Credentials, including the Client ID and secret.


Please note that for LIVE integration, the PayPal Commerce Platform for Marketplaces and Platforms is currently in limited release. It is only applicable for selected merchants based on their Total Payment Volume (TPV) in their business.


To apply for the PayPal Commerce Platform for Marketplaces and Platforms, please use the provided. Once you have applied, a member of our Partners team will review your business details and contact you directly.


For more information about the PayPal Commerce Platform for Marketplaces and Platforms, please refer to the guide provided at the


If you still facing issues, please create an MTS ticket via -  with the detailed information and error details.




PayPal MTS


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How to integrate the papal connect
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