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How to integrate the PayPal Connect feature with a SaaS platform?

Hello, we're working on developing a SaaS tool, where a user can connect his/her PayPal account (mostly personal) and can sell digital items via the shop feature.As some of our users are old and not so tech savvy person it is sometimes impossible for...


paypal.HostedFields.isEligible() returns false with live credentials

Ok, it works perfectly fine for sandbox creds and works not at all for live credentials. I triple checked the API url, client_id and client_secret values. I am pretty sure they work, because I get a token for API and creating a client_token works fin...

udellbruz by New Community Member
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Permission denied when using javascript sdk

I am making a website with a payment, but it everytime i try to test buy my product i get a Permission denied error : Error: Api: /smart/api/order/$$$$$/capture returned ack: permission_denied {"Insufiecient Permissions "} This is my code: paypal.But...

Paypal SDK not loading in Safari 16.6

Following some reports of issues for mac / iOS users i have identified that the paypal js sdk is not loading in the latest version of Safari 16. This is effecting multiple sites all using the SDK and has been confirmed on multiple sandbox devices. Th...

gweller22 by New Community Member
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Paypal payment window not automatically closing

There suddenly seems to be an issue as of this morning and once a payment is completed through the paypal window, it does not automatically close causing the onApprove function to not properly fire.I couldn't find anything about a change that explain...

FATAL paypal outage: paypal-react-js unable to initialize script

There seems to be sporadic outages of Paypal & SDK services.Few user reports of not being able to complete a web-purchase based on app seems functional, web-services however offline for a period of 30min. Brows...

colinri by New Community Member
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Venmo Desktop Issue

Hello, We integrated Venmo to our site & started testing in PROD.But we have a Desktop version issue, after the QR code is generated in Desktop & scanned with Venmo mobile app to pay, there is no error in Venmo app but there is no handshake between o...

TejeshM by New Community Member
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