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statements from 2012 to 2015


statements from 2012 to 2015

Hi. Can u help me with finding my Activity from 2012? I try find in summary, statements and activity but I can review just from 2015.

If its possible please send me statements on e-mail.

Regards Patryk 

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Re: statements from 2012 to 2015

As this is a public community, it's not possible to send you any info because no one here has access to user info.


What you can do is download or export your Transaction History - What this process does is export your history to a CSV file, you can then use an app like Excel to sort, view, create and print your own reports.  You can create and download a detailed report of all your transaction activity for any time period in the past 3 years.

* Personal Account:

* Login to your account.
* Click "Activity"
* Click on "Statements" (the "Blue" link)
* Click on "Activity export"
* Under "Transaction Type"
* Click "All Transactions"
* Select your Date Range
* Select your "From" and "To" Dates
* Under the Format drop down - Select "CSV"
* Click "Create Report"
* When the report is completed - click "Download"

If you need to go back more than 3 years, for now there appears to be a work around.
* Login to your account.
* Once there, paste the following URL in your browser's address bar:

Note: This should bring up a different screen (actually, this looks like it's from the old interface) and it appears to be able to go back more than 3 years.  You can also select the fields you want.


* Business Account:

Note: If you have a Business Account, under the menu for "More", there's a Site Map - look for Transactions, Download Transactions - this will go to the same link as provided above.


Re: statements from 2011/2012



I try to find payment confirmation from 2011/2012 im not sure when exactly i make the payments. I need copy of transaction, money was send to Bozena Zagrodzka payment rate 300PLN  transfer title "dozywotni VIP dla 89eneo and 89noin" ( can be write in different way) . Thats all information which i remember. Can you find that old transaction and sent me a copy? The problem is on account a can check just from 7 years ego but thas older transaction.


Thank you

Kind Regards

Patryk Ostrowski