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Invoice payment still not reflected in My activity

Hi, I have paid my invoice but still not showing in recent activity. I have paid more than one week ago, but still the transactions are not getting reflected in My activity page. kindly give the solution for this issue.

viv2790 by Contributor
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Transaction history issue

I'm trying to look into my transaction history to find my Minecraft Transaction ID, but I can't because the transaction history just goes so far back, I can't go further than September of 2018. Is there a way to fix this?

PayPal Fees on Refunds

Hi, I'm building an e-commerce store and before I launch, I made some test on the checkout process on my Site. Before I ask my question, I want to share the process I untertake: Note: I made the test on Live Environment (not Sandbox)I have a product ...

jdaryl15 by Contributor
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Ebay Invoices Now Lacking Details

I like to either print or download detailed invoices as a form of accession recording.  Usually, invoice records from eBay include the seller's user id, the item description, item number, and broken down costs.  Lately, they are essentially useless. ...

skylark6 by New Community Member
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