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Invoice payment still not reflected in My activity

Hi, I have paid my invoice but still not showing in recent activity. I have paid more than one week ago, but still the transactions are not getting reflected in My activity page. kindly give the solution for this issue.

viv2790 by Contributor
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Reports - dosent open.

Hi, I have problem. I cant open reports. it wrote that you have problems and please try it latter (I was trying for month and i is the same). Can you check it please?

larap1 by Contributor
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How do I get ALL the transactions since the beginning?

I am trying to track the old statement from the beginning of the account but the search were limited from 2018 to now. How do I get the earlier transactions, or from the beginning of the accounts? Thanks

Eszs by New Community Member
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Sandbox Transactions not showing in Activty

How long does it normally take for payments to show in activity?   Made a set of payments around 24 hours ago and still not showing.   Payments are made using a sandbox app with API credentials. Balance is updating correctly in both, and from the not...