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Returning money from eBay to PayPal

New Community Member

Returning money from eBay to PayPal



Yesterday I bought an item on eBay.

However the seller decided to cancel my payment and refund it on PayPal immidiatelly.

Thing is that it was like 24h ago and still I don't have my money

I remember when in the past I had simmilar situation when someone gave me back my money on PayPal and I had them straight away in my wallet.


Someone may help me with this?

How long I can wait for my money?

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Returning money from eBay to PayPal



Is it marked as pending or on temp hold in your paypal account?


How did you FUND the paypal payment that was refunded?

New Community Member

Re: Returning money from eBay to PayPal

Well... Thing is that on my PayPal account I have nothing about this refund All I have is an email from eBay with information that money for item will be returned on my PayPal Account and that I don't have to do anything.

Re: Returning money from eBay to PayPal

Hi MOD252,
Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.

 How your money is refunded depends on how the payment was sent. If you originally paid with a credit or debit card, then that money would be refunded back to your card. Please note though that although we process these refunds back to the card immediately, it can take your card issuer up to 30 days to post that credit back to your account. If you originally paid with your bank or PayPal account balance, then that refund would be credited to your PayPal account balance. You can use that balance to fund future payments or you can initiate a transfer to your bank. You can find more about how refunds are credited here: .