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Learn what's new with PayPal Subscriptions

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The new PayPal Subscriptions includes:

Read all about these new features in our blog, PayPal Presents the New Subscriptions Experience today. 


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Learn what's new with PayPal Subscriptions


I am looking for a plug and play solution to enable subscriptions on my website. Can you guys please guide me through it? thanks.

Learn what's new with PayPal Subscriptions


Hi. What sort of functionality do you need? The answer will depend on the level of flexibility you need. Creating subscriptions in Paypal is quite simple, but if you need your system to programmatically alter them, that's a major challenge. On our website,, we have implemented 4 different subscription plans, where the customer chooses the plan they want, and then the customer's subscription gets created by the system automatically, with the actual monthly fee dependent on the number of registered users they have (i.e., "per seat" billing). The only action the customer needs to do is to log into Paypal and authorise the subscription.

Learn what's new with PayPal Subscriptions


Has anyone been able to get quantity updating on quantity-based subscriptions working with PHP? I've spent months trying to get it working. I've tried the raw CURL code, as per the developer docs and returned "PAYMENT_IN_PROGRESS" error. When using the PHP libraries, I get a 204 (no content) response and the subscription is not changed.

CURL code:

curl -v -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Basic base64_encode($paypal_client_id.':'.$paypal_secret)" -d '{"quantity":"5"}' 
(the base64 stuff is just showing how I used PHP to create a base64 version of client_id:client_secret for inserting into the CURL command)


PHP code:


namespace PayPal\Api;
require '/opt/bitnami/php/bin/vendor/autoload.php';
use PayPalCheckoutSdk\Orders\OrdersPatchRequest;
use PayPalCheckoutSdk\Orders\OrdersGetRequest;
use PayPalCheckoutSdk\Orders\OrdersCreateRequest;
use PayPalCheckoutSdk\Core\PayPalHttpClient;
use PayPalCheckoutSdk\Core\ProductionEnvironment;
include('globals.php'); // defines Paypal client_id, client_secret, etc.
$subscrID ='I-YT07M8NCEMRN'; // hard coded for test
ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL); // or error_reporting(E_ALL);
ini_set('display_errors', '1');
ini_set('display_startup_errors', '1');

$environment=new ProductionEnvironment($paypal_client_id, $paypal_secret);
$client = new PayPalHttpClient($environment);
$request = new OrdersCreateRequest();
$request->body =[
"intent" => "CAPTURE",
"purchase_units" => [[
"reference_id" => $subscrID,
"amount" => [
"value" => "1.77",
"currency_code" => "USD"
"redirect_urls" => [
"cancel_url" => "",
"return_url" => ""
$createdOrder = $client->execute($request);
$request2 = new OrdersPatchRequest($createdOrder->result->id);
$request2->body = [
"op" => "add",
"path" => "/purchase_units/@reference_id=='$subscrID'/description",
"value" => "3 user license"
"op" => "replace",
"path" => "/purchase_units/@reference_id=='$subscrID'/amount",
"value" => [
"currency_code" => "USD",
"value" => "1.56",
"quantity" => "3"
try {
// Call API with your client and get a response for your call
$response2 = $client->execute($request2);

// If call returns body in response, you can get the deserialized version from the result attribute of the response
}catch (HttpException $ex) {
echo $ex->statusCode;
$space4='&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ';
foreach($response2 as $key=>$value)
print "$key = ";
if (is_array($value)) {
print "(array):<BR>";
foreach($value as $key2=>$value2) {
print $space4.$key2."=";
if (is_array($value2)) {
print "(array):<BR>";
foreach($value2 as $key3=>$value3) print $space4.$space4."$key3=$value3<BR>";
else print "$value2<BR>";
else print "$value<BR>";


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