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Is it necessary for users to have a PayPal account when utilizing PayPal Pro for recurring payments in a subscription plan? I have successfully integrated PayPal Pro into my website and created a subscription plan. However, during the activation process, PayPal is returning an error stating 'Buyer has not agreed to subscription.' In this situation, is it required for users to have a PayPal account to agree to the subscription, or can this be done directly using any of the PayPal APIs?


I don't want to redirect user to PayPal via the approve URL after subscription is created but instead of activate subscription in my website only using the API. I am using this : ( API for activate the subscription plan but i am getting error like: Buyer has not agreed to subscription, i have attached the screenshot of the debug log.

So in this case user have to their PayPal account? if not then how we can approve the subscription of subscription plan created with user card details?


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No, they can check out as a guest. Then either they need to get their bank to cancel when the time comes or you have to cancel the payment requests by pausing/cancelling the subscription

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We recommend referring to the detailed guide provided in the links below to learn more about subscriptions.


Please find the details outlining the workflow for subscriptions below:


  1. Create a product to represent your goods or services.
  2. Create a plan to represent the payment cycles for your subscription.
  3. Use the JavaScript SDK to present the PayPal button, which starts the subscription process.
  4. The buyer agrees and subscribes.
  5. The button calls the Subscriptions API to create the subscription.
  6. The buyer sees the subscription confirmation.


To access the detailed workflow, please use the following link-


To integrate subscription, please use the following link 


If you are still experiencing issues, please create an MTS ticket via the following URL - . Please ensure that you provide detailed information and error details when submitting the ticket.




PayPal MTS


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