Why am i unable to use pay in 3

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I've been using pay in 3 for a long time and have never defaulted any of my payments.. All payments are made before or on time.  All of a sudden this has just stopped i use the same device all the time but it still does not give me the option, Can someone explain why please?

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Hi @Blu2023


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I'm sorry to hear that you have not been offered Pay in 3 recently. There can be many reasons why the option may not appear, and it isn't possible to discern which one is applicable for a specific transaction. Sometimes, it might come down to risk factors inherent to that specific transaction. Are you using a VPN, or an unsecured network? Those are by no means the only things that could influence the situation, but it's something to check. 


I hope the payment option is soon made available again for you!




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