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I have a QR code for a special event to sell tickets but it only allows for one ticket. How do I change to allow multiple tickets?

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You can add an amount due to the QR Code before customer pays to help them skip that step in the payment process.


You can also add common purchase amounts to QR codes and save them on your phone for repeated use, displaying to customer depending on how many tickets they buy.


To add an amount and download the QR Code for each common purchase amount for 1 ticket, 2 tickets and so on, click the QR Code icon top-right of screen on the app.

Click “Get Paid”.

Click the “Pencil Icon” on the QR code

Check off “Add an amount” box.

Add an amount.

(Optional) Add a tip.

When done, click “Apply Settings”.

Hit the download icon on the QR Code.

(Select to give the PayPal app access to your camera roll or photos folder to save the QR Code if you haven’t already done so.)


Repeat for each common purchase amount QR Code.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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