I call you but dont exsist but getting threatening letters?


For months now every payment I make on Paypal credit is bounced back into my account and the payment marked as failed, I called the bank they said you keep bouncing it back, I have more than enough funds to cover it even tried to pay off the full balance over £247.64 the time and you bounced it back to, now your trying to charge me late fees even though I have been trying constantly to make payments.

I tried calling over and over but they keep saying I dont have a account at all.... I even am looking at my account page using the details there as I call, I gave them a one time code to get passed data protection faster and they kept saying i dont exsist, yet your sending me threatening letters?

Also one time codes are pointless if your staff refuse to use them!

I am responsible with my finances and am finding it very stressful that you are messing em round and affecting my credit rating.
I just want to make payments but YOU are being the problem and I cant even call to fix it cause I dont exsist according to your staff.
At this point I WANT you to send a credit agency after me just so I can get this over with, plus then I can prove with bank statements and call logs just how much I have tried to sort this!

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Phone number for paypal credit on link, pay them over the phone?

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