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PayPal Credit - Sorry there was a Technical Error. Please try again later.

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I can't log into PayPal Credit. I have tried multiple PCs, every browser and the PayPal app on my iPhone. Every time I try to make a payment, it tries to connect to Synchrony but always returns this:


I have called Synchrony and PayPal several times for assistance... Synchrony tells me it is a PayPal issue. PayPal "transfers" me to the "technical department" but really just hangs up on me. Can someone please tell me how I can fix this issue?


PayPal Credit - Sorry there was a Technical Error. Please try again later.

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I've tried for months to get resolution of this same issue.  I quit using the PayPal Credit altogether because I was having to call the Synchrony PayPal Credit number[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]and make payment using their automated phone system, and that is annoying, and I get NO type of email confirming my payment.  I accidentally made a purchase using it last month and had to call today and just paid it in full to keep from missing a due date.  This is the worst setup I've ever seen.  I don't even have my credit account number or any kind of information on it.  All I ever got was an email stating I was approved and it was added to my wallet, and I can't see anything with transaction information.  I don't trust anything I can't get some sort of receipt for my payment on.  I'm relieved to know I'm not alone, I haven't seen much recent when I search on the error topic or just in general for "inability to log in to PayPal credit".

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