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Unexplained PayPal bank payment

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Unexplained PayPal bank payment

Hi everyone! I’ve been using PayPal a lot recently online shopping and such, so there are way more PayPal transactions in my bank statement than usual. However I checked today and it seems PayPal has taken £20 from my account, exactly today and I haven’t bought anything from anyone. Anyone know why this is?
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Re: Unexplained PayPal bank payment



Transfers from bank accounts are never instant, that is why when you buy something paypal credit the seller upfront for you and paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer to pay them back again, this is so you get your item without delay.

Takes 5-7 working days to transfer as Paypal use the slowest (cheapest) transfer option BUT funds normally leave your bank account from a few hours up to a few days you could be seeing a payment from a few days ago OR a part payment with the rest coming from your paypal balance?


If not the other option was you paid a seller via your debit card but they processed the payment with their paypal card reader so it would not show up in your paypal account activity as you bought online as a guest buyer?

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