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Missing funds

New Community Member

Missing funds

My friend sent me money when I logged in my card needed to be updated so now the money is missing. Will I receive it or will they get it back?
PayPal Employee

Re: Missing funds

Hi @DasAlex 


I am sorry to know that the payment you have received on your PayPal account is missing from your account now. Please be informed that unclaimed payments are automatically reversed after 30 days. I would recommend you to please contact the sender and check if the payment is reversed. If yes, please request them to send it again to you. If not reversed yet and you are unable to locate the transaction in your PayPal account, please contact customer support with the transaction details from the email receipt you have received from PayPal when the payment was originally received on your account. 


You can contact our customer support team by clicking on the contact option at the bottom of the page on our website.


Thank you,