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Greetings, I could not integrate paypal payflow pro, I could not find api information, I need to integrate it urgently for shopify, but

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Hello @metyesf

Thank you for posting to the PayPal Community.

Payflow Gateway is available in the following countries. If your country does not appear in the list and you use Payflow without PayPal as your processor, Payflow is not available.


  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Here are the instructions for integrating Shopify and Payflow:


If you applied for Payflow Pro in Test or Live this is the information about your credentials:


PARTNER The Payflow partner. If PayPal is the processor the partner is PayPal. If an account was provided by an authorized PayPal reseller, who registered a Payflow user, then the ID provided by the reseller is used.
PWD The password that you specified when you got the Payflow account, in the previous steps.
VENDOR The ID that you specified when you got the Payflow account. That is, the merchant login ID for the account (not an email).
USER The ID that you specified when you got the Payflow account. Same as VENDOR (not an email), if you did not create a specific user in PayPal Manager.


All of these credentials are the credentials that you create at the time you apply for Payflow Pro.


Here is information on creating a test-only Payflow Gateway account:


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