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PayPal Now and Slack via IPN


PayPal Now and Slack via IPN

Hi, I created a Zap (zapier) to pull transaction data from PayPal transactions, which is simple, and tests as working.  I needed to put the Zapier trigger URL into the custom URL section and enable IPN under my PayPal settings


But the info sent from PayPal and captured by Zap is limited and formatted very poorly.  I'm getting a lot less info that the test one that I can generate from my Zap configuration webpage.  The 'Raw IPN Body' seems to have more details than the more obvious fields where I'd prefer it to be.


Maybe I can configure my PayPal Now to collect or send more data so IPN sees more?  Can you help with links to how I do that?


Can you point me toward any ideas?  Maybe there are configuration options for PayPal Now that I need to tweak to capture and send more information?    Ultimately I'm trying to get this data into Woo Commerce, and Zap is a way of partially automating it.  I see a WP plugin that connects PayPal with Woo, but it's still in beta.


I'm brand-new to PayPal so any help would be gratefully received.


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