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IPN payment notification warning


IPN payment notification warning

I keep getting the automated IPN warning emails in my inbox. I'm not using IPN on my Woocommerce site, and as far as I can tell it's not set up on my Paypal account either. I'm keeping it off due to wanting to be able to manually check orders on the site as they come in. Is there any way to stop these emails?


Re: IPN payment notification warning

Hi tomcolmans,


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We will typically send those IPN warning emails if we don't receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the IPN from your server at the URL provided in the email.  According to the WooCommerce setup docs, they explain that IPN should be setup and enabled for WooCommerce to work properly, and you can view this documentation at the link below:


The best thing you can do to stop receiving those emails is to ensure that your server is responding to every IPN sent with a blank HTTP 200 Ok.  Technically you 'can' disable IPN on your account which would stop the emails, but it's not recommended.





Re: IPN payment notification warning

Hello Adam- Thank you for your suggestions.

I have got this very same issue now. I have been using a different application which handles the IPN messages sent to Notification URL from PayPal and we receive them and process it and send PayPal back 200. Last week we upgraded to new application that don't require any IPN handling so I set disable IPN feature on my PayPal account. But still I received this IPN Notification warning email today. PayPal trying to send IPN data to our old IPN Notification URL and end up with 404 HTTP Response eventually. Should we need to send blank HTTP 200 OK response to Paypal for the url they are trying to hit?