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The website has been working fine and updated regularly—no problems with PayPal for the least the last five years. With a Woocommerce Store, generate press theme and a PayPal pay payments system. All plug-ins and WordPress are always kept up-to-date. I’m using InMotion Hosting, which has served me well on many sites over the last few years.

A week ago. I installed an updated PayPal plug-in with the new PayPal security system. I have spent a week trying to get the PayPal check out to work.

Here are some things I have tried so far, but nothing has worked. I have run plug-ins to repair and clean the database and optimize it.

I have reinstalled and updated to WordPress. Current version: 6.4.1 That came out last week.

I installed the Woocommerce default theme.

I have removed every trace of PayPal repaired and optimized the database.

I have disabled all the plug-ins apart from Woocommerce and testing systematically with each of the following PayPal plug-ins.

Payment Gateway Plugin for PayPal WooCommerce ( Free )
Version 1.8.1 | By WebToffee

WooCommerce PayPal Payments
Version: 2.4.1 | By WooCommerce

Payment Plugins for PayPal WooCommerce
Version: 1.0.39 | By Payment Plugins

Complete PayPal Payments For WooCommerce
Version: 1.0.7 | by Eric [removed]

When using the default Woocommerce theme, the plugins seem to work apart from the final checkout when the browser says.

UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY - The merchant account is restricted.

Unable to proceed with payment. or
UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY - The merchant account is restricted.

UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY - The merchant account is restricted.

Unable to proceed with payment.

UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY - The merchant account is restricted.

I have asked people for help on the way and tried their suggestions, but nothing has worked!

I have been working with WordPress for over ten years, possibly over 15 years. I consider myself someone who knows what they are doing. I think there is some underlying issue with the new PayPal security system, a conflict somewhere. It could be with Woocommerce, and it could be with WordPress itself; it could be something on the InMotion server set, I don’t know.

I am about to leave for a Buddhist retreat and will be out of contact for a week.

I have reinstalled the plug-ins and generate press theme. So everything has returned to normal. It still exhibits the same problem when it had the default theme and only ran Woocommerce and one of the PayPal plug-ins. If you can find the time to do your own checks and help me solve this, I would be very appreciative. I cannot be the only person who is going to have this problem. It would be to everyone’s advantage to determine the issue.

I appreciate your help.
This is the website:



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Good day @vmati1 


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


Please cross check your PayPal Business account and make sure it is verified and confirmed without any account limitations


Third party platforms eCommerce develops their own plugins/modules. 


Also, I would suggest to please contact the support of your third-party platform(eCommerce) who can be able to help you regarding eCommerce plugins/modules setup.


Important : Express Checkout - NVP/SOAP is deprecated.


We recommend merchants to integrate out latest PayPal Checkout (Smart button) product.


Please follow the steps provided in the below detailed guide links: 


Merchant should first perform Create Order API( call and then redirect the customer/buyer to "approve" URL. 


Once the order is approved by the customer/buyer, merchant should perform CaptureOrder ( API call and customer/buyer should pass the valid funding source.


If your still facing issues, please create an MTS ticket via -  with the detailed information and error details.




PayPal MTS


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