integrating clickfunnels for paypal button on checkout page

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Please help me integrate clickfunnels with paypal so I can have a paypal checkout button on my page.

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Hi @vensonfirm,


Thank you for contacting PayPal community.


Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.


I request to follow the below steps to create PayPal hosted html button code via your PayPal Business account and add it to your third party platform website.

Login >> click on "All tools" >> Integrate PayPal >> PayPal buttons >> select button type >> fill required details >> copy and paste the HTML button code in your third party platform website.


Login >> go to direct link "" >> follow the above steps.


Also, please use the guide link to integrate PayPal Smart button on your website.


Thank you for understanding and patience.




PayPal, Inc.


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