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Zapier, Paypal IPN and subscription payments

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I am using Zapier to send successful sales from existing PayPal subscriptions to my CRM as donations. In configuring my workflow, we set up an IPN in my PayPal Account Settings, hoping this would capture all successful sales and trigger our Zapier workflow. However, while testing this new workflow we identified a number of successful sales that were missed (did not hit the webhook in our IPN settings). The missed sales instead sent notifications to different URLs, that overrode the IPN in our Account Settings.  Our established PayPal recurring subscriptions were created over many years mostly using external form utilities like Jotform not PayPal buttons.  We cannot find a way to disable the notification URLs that seem to be hidden within the existing established PayPal subscriptions.  Anyone know of a way to update each payment to our desired URL for notification?   We want notifications for all successful sales to go to the URL in the IPN in Account Settings.


Any ideas?

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