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How to let checkout users and accept payment at a later time?

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I'm new here so maybe that's a obvious question, but I can't find the soution(I'm also new to develope paypal in website).


I want to start with an example to explain my issue easier, I'm trying to integrate the system in a Wordpress E-commerce(using Woocommerce).

Basically I sell artworks that i do not own directly, the authors (or thirdy party) have physically the artwork, so when i get an order I need to contact the author and see where is he from so I can manage the shipping, I used to do it in 48/72 hours.

I'm having trouble on integrate a system wich allow me to get standard checkout but with the payment in pending status, so after an order I can check for the artwork and contact the author , only after that I should can accept the payment and I don't have to sent another time the checkout page to the user.


I already seen this kind of payment system, I thought here I could find a solution but I'm not sure about it or I'm not just understanding.

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