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Wordpress Give... plugin setup

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I attempted to setup the Give plugin with my existing paypal account and received the following error message:



I am trying to connect my PayPal account to the GiveWP plugin for WordPress. I have gone through the onboarding process to connect my account, but when I finish I'm given the following message from GiveWP:

  • PayPal client access token API request response is:
    {"scope":"https:\/\/\/services\/invoicing https:\/\/\/services\/disputes\/read-buyer https:\/\/\/services\/payments\/realtimepayment https:\/\/\/services\/disputes\/update-seller https:\/\/\/services\/payments\/payment\/authcapture openid https:\/\/\/services\/disputes\/read-seller https:\/\/\/services\/payments\/refund https:\/\/\/v1\/vault\/credit-card https:\/\/\/v1\/payments\/.* https:\/\/\/services\/payments\/initiatepayment https:\/\/\/payments\/payouts https:\/\/\/v1\/vault\/credit-card\/.* https:\/\/\/services\/subscriptions https:\/\/\/services\/applications\/webhooks","accessToken":"A21AAKbrAnPiZOoOJMKlkH7B2-MGesgse3jufNsBKq7G36wMUSEhYcFXqsB-LBOVE-nEQ1hdvoq85iD7XH_K1kSLWbqybhEoA","tokenType":"Bearer","appId":"APP-[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]9:24ZFv1Xscn2On30OfAh21uzL840JB0IvaGfowVr54xXmZk"}
  • PayPal client rest api credentials API request response is:
    {"name":"AUTHORIZATION_ERROR","message":"This API call is not authorized","debug_id":"5598f265d747a"}
  • There was a problem with PayPal client rest API request and we could not find valid client id and secret.

Please help me resolve these account errors so I can begin accepting payments via PayPal on GiveWP.


I was not able to figure out how could I report the problem through the 'Resolution Center' as advised, or how to obtain any meaningful feedback from help desk.

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