What should I post here?


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Should I post my question here?

This board is in place to allow PayPal Community members to assist each other with questions and topics related to PayPal Website Payments Standard Buttons. Here, you'll find a wide range of topics associated with setting up, implementing, and integrating PayPal HTML buttons. 


Sellers will find their questions related to how to create, modify, and integrate buttons here. 


If you have suggestions or feedback for PayPal or eBay we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas here: My Feedback for PayPal.  Any feedback posts will be moved to the Feedback board.  We appreciate your feedback but we want to ensure that members with questions can easily find answers and receive assistance. We also want to make it easier for community members to easily find opportunities to help others with questions regarding a specific subject.


Will a PayPal Employee answer my question?

While PayPal Employees moderate this board, they will not always be available to respond to every question. You may see an Employee help out from time to time.


How will I know if an Employee is posting?

More information about Employee posting can be found here: Who is an employee?


How will this board be moderated?

To help foster this board into a valuable help resource for members, we will be removing any unproductive posts. Unproductive posts include posts or replies that are off-topic or do not address the original posters question or concern.


Please review the Rules and Guidelines to learn more about posting guidelines.


Posting Tips

If you are asking a question, please provide as much information about the situation as you can. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for a community member to understand the issue and provide the best information. Please remember that posting your own or another person's contact information, physical address, email address, full name, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information is prohibited.


Thank you for helping us keep the Community Help forum a friendly and productive environment for all members. We look forward to your contributions!

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i'll back later for this

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I'm having trouble with paypal on my website.. I have already connected it to my wordpress/woocommerce website and everything seems good, but when i click on the paypal button in the checkout-cart this message shows up in the top of the page >> [UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY] The requested action could not be performed, semantically incorrect, or failed business validation. https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/orders/v2/#error-DECIMALS_NOT_SUPPORTED

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"...questions and topics related to PayPal Website Payments Standard Buttons" .... "PayPal HTML buttons". Aren't these now defunct?


I've been struggling badly with language (and English is my first language).


Are "Paypal Standard Buttons", you refer to, the same thing as "Paypal Standard Smart Buttons"? The same as the buttons central to the "Checkout / Standard" Developer area I'm constantly being funnelled to? All three the same thing? If yes, then this area is still current... if no (then perhaps this area should be marked as legacy/archive), and what's what then?


Language is my biggest barrier to understanding anything right now, even your kindly provided guide "What should I post here?".


Is there somewhere where all terms/labels are defined on Paypal?

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