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Payment Button and 2FA log ins

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Hi guys!

I have a website that uses the PayPal payment javascript buttons, and works for people that need to make a payment as a guest, but does not work for the club members that have a PayPal account and use 2 factor authentication on their PayPal account (which is a recommended security practice from PayPal itself). What appears to happen is that the javascript window states that the credentials were not valid and rejects them for logging into a PayPal account. Regardless of which account that I have access to, logging in (if that account uses 2FA) does not work on the payment window, although works perfectly on the account, when logged in directly (user goes to PayPal on a computer to log in or on mobile to log in are successful with the same credentials). 

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 11.30.02 AM.pngWhen I created the buttons, I used the default information (except the width of buttons), so nothing is changed from the vendor account to this website. 


Any thoughts are appreciated. 








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