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Pay pal is not standing behind me.

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I Purchased something from someone called Devin<removed>. It was for work on May 11 2020. for $97.32. I thought it was strange I did not get an email stating that my order went thru. So I tried to email the company. I never got a response. I filed a claim with paypal. They said because the tracking number was a real tracking number that they wouldnt help me. I investigated the tracking number and found that it was an old number from April 19th 2020. So I refiled the claim but couldnt file it under the same claim paypal has it set up that way. So i filed under another claim. but they wouldnt look into it. So why do we all us paypal if they arent protecting us from fraudulent issues like this.? Iam very unhappy. Thinking of not using them anymore.

Gina <removed>

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