Opencart . using "PayPal Checkout Integration" started charging customers twice.

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My open cart website using the "PayPal Checkout Integration" module, has started charging customers twice within seconds.  nothing has changed my side.   Its not all transactions but I cannot find a pattern, at a guess i would say its mostly when a credit card is used at check out.  Is there anyway I can block duplicate payments?  About the same time I  also started getting auto replys from paypal saying the email address i used to contact them is no longer in use.  It has a subject line "Automatic reply to PayPal email SAXK" , maybe this is related somehow?    I have no idea where to start looking.  Any help would be gratefully accepted

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PayPal system is a payment gateway, which will receive the payment request payload (i.e. Payment and Item details, Shipping details, Invoice number, Amount details, etc.) from merchant websites(built via third-party platforms eCommerce ) and process the payments accordingly.


Merchants should handle their internal website code and pass the appropriate payment API calls to the PayPal system.

Regarding duplicate orders, I would suggest cross-checking your internal website code and making sure you trigger unique API requests per order.


To know more about how to avoid duplicate transactions please refer to the provided link:


If you are still facing issues, please create an MTS ticket via -  with the detailed information and error details.




PayPal MTS


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