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Button works in Sandbox not Live


Button works in Sandbox not Live

I have a paypal button that work perfectly in Sanbox. I can pay via paypal and have the information inserted into my database including some custom ariables.


When I switch to live the user can pay and I recieve the payment but it will not update the database. The only thing thats changing is the paypal URL * email to reflect live values.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Button works in Sandbox not Live

Are you using IPN to update your database, or are you doing that from your return URL / thank you page, or how exactly are you updating your database? That seems to be the part that isn't working...not the button.
Angell EYE -
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Re: Button works in Sandbox not Live

Thank you for the reply angeleye.


The issue was due to me creating another field value within the button creating a duplicate value.

This only appeared as an issue when going live, most likely due to extra security checks or somethig along those lines.