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Incorrect details being sent back to IPN

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Over the past few days I am seeing incorrect details being returned to my IPN script. Specifically it is similar to an issue from a few weeks ago as some shopping cart variables are being passed back despite me not using any of PayPals shopping cart system.


For example


item_name should send back the value I always use my+shop+name+order but it is sending back the value Shopping+Cart


This is in turn causing issues with processing orders as the expected variables are not there to check against.


I do have an open ticket with PayPal support but thought that if others had the same issue it might be helpful to post here so that they would be aware that this problem has returned again


Incorrect details being sent back to IPN

I've noticed some strange changes with IPN for the past few weeks as well. In our case we've noticed that mc_gross and mc_gross_1 are coming through with the same value.

mc_gross_1 should be the line item total, where mc_gross is the full order total. For example, mc_gross_1 + mc_shipping should be equal to mc_gross. It's been that way for 10+ years that we've had this system in place. The past few weeks we're noticing that some IPNs have the same value for both, but others are still correct.

Were were able to adjust some logic to handle the different data accordingly, but it's odd that it suddenly started happening that way.

Anyway, just wanted to jump into this ticket since we've seen weird things with IPN, too.
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