Sandbox testing has beaten me !!


Please help me before i give up on PayPal for my website!

I have been studying and attempting to include a PayPal standard pay button on my website for at least 3 days.

I have watched videos and read docs until they repeat themselves.

My biggest fault is i don't give up attempting to do something before i bother others with my coding problems.


1.) I have created an Ecommerce website in PHP code.

2.) I have created a PayPal developer account.

3.) I have created a test account in sandbox accounts

4.) i have logged into the sanbox account with those details. All fine


Inside the developer account i have  selected "Pay & Get paid" - "Pay links and buttons" created a button with the following details.




HTML - <script src=""></script>

<div id="paypal-container-Q8T2N6BWDKF6A"></div>

<script> paypal.HostedButtons({ hostedButtonId: "Q8T2N6BWDKF6A", }).render("#paypal-container-Q8T2N6BWDKF6A") </script>


I place this button code into one of my web pages.

"It does not show anything but the contact error????"


At some stages in the last days i have managed to somehow have the buttons show and bring up the login form.

I have an active personal PayPal account and this works when this form is loaded.


When i try to put in the test account details it does not log me into the test account but defaults back to card details.


Without a doubt the most frustrating thing i have attempted in my early programming years.

There are so many videos on this subject that claim the How to it is sensory overload.

Can you pleas point me in the right direction before I give up on paypal and use stripe?


Cheers Ossie





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