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1 PayPal Account for 2 (Different) WooCommerce Stores

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Hi all, I think the title says it all and of course there are some fine details with what I'm trying to achieve.


Lets say I have a friend who has 2 websites.


1 website sell products at full price and the current paypal account. Once the payment is approved the RETURN address takes the customer back to that website.


The other website sells similar goods at much cheaper prices, under a different 'brand name'. Ideally the customer will see the new brand's details during the paypal interactions and when the transaction is completed, the customer will be redirected back to the discounted brand's website payment confirmation screen.


So 1 PayPal Account, 2 woocommerce stores, customers see correct brand ID depending on the originating payment request...


Any ideas how to do this - I've not been able to figure this one out.


Thanks for any ideas, input or assistance.




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