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Can a purchaser hack my account

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Can a purchaser hack my account

I'm trying to sell an item on Craigs list...of course I've been besieged by buyers offering certified checks and bank checks (scammers galore) appears that one private party is willing to pay via Pay Pal.....I'm still know how clever these people are.....if I give them my Pay Pal account ID to transfer money to...can they back door my account and ultimately hit my bank account


I've used Pay Pal very successfully for Ebay and some private transactions, but in this his case????



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Re: Can a purchaser hack my account



There is no PayPal Seller Protection for items sold locally. In order to receive Seller Protection the item needs to be able to be tracked and shown delivered, (signed and delivered if over $750.00).


Here are PayPal links with more details.