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How do I enable my Sandbox test account for PayPal Payments Pro?


To test PayPal Payments Pro in Sandbox, you will need a Sandbox account that has Payments Pro enabled, otherwise you will receive an error message.


To enable Pro on a Sandbox test account
- Click here to log in to your account.
- At the top of the page, click Dashboard.
- Under Sandbox on the left side of the page, click Accounts.
- Click the email address for the account you would like to enable Pro on.
- Note: Only Business accounts can have Pro enabled.
- Under the email address, click Profile.
- Click Upgrade to Pro.
- Click Enable.


How do I apply for or accept a billing agreement with Website Payments Pro?


Before you can make successful API calls to such services as DirectPayment, you must apply for Website Payments Pro:


- Log into your PayPal Business or Premier account.
- Click Merchant Services.
- Scroll to the bottom of the PayPal Website Payments Pro section, and then click Learn More.

- On the right side of the screen, in the Getting Started box, click Submit Application.

- Complete the two-page form. If you are setting up a Sandbox account, use a number that begins with "111" for the Social

- Security Number. Do not use "111-11-1111."
- Click Go to My Account.


If your account uses the updated interface, follow these steps instead:


- Click here to log into your PayPal Business or Premier account.
- Click Tools at the top of the screen.
- Under "Accept payments anywhere," click PayPal Payments Pro.
- Click Get Started Today.
- Complete and submit the two-page form.


Your account now undergoes a PayPal approval process that generally takes 2-3 days. This waiting period is bypassed for Sandbox accounts.

Upon approval, you must then accept the Billing Agreement. Log back into PayPal and click Accept Billing Agreement in the top-left corner. After looking over the agreement, click Agree.


What is Direct Payment Recurring Payments (DPRP) and how does it work?


Direct Payment Recurring Payments (DPRP) is the Recurring Payment product for PayPal Payments Pro 3.0-enabled accounts and allows merchants to associate recurring payment(s) with a debit or credit card on a fixed schedule.


DPRP is an enhancement of PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment or Website Payments Pro outside of the U.S.) which offers built-in functionality for recurring payments and permits buyers who do not have a PayPal account to pay with their bank cards without leaving your website. PayPal processes the payment in the background.


Which recurring payments product is best for my account version?

If you have version 3.0 and wish to remain on this older product, DPRP is the right product for you. If you would like this enabled on your account please contact sales. Version 2.0 (our newest version of PayPal Payments Pro) is incompatible with DPRP and we suggest that you use Payflow Recurring Billing


What is PayPal's Seller Protection Policy with regards to PayPal Payments Pro?


For Express Checkout transactions, PayPal offers the same Seller Protection Policy as with standard PayPal transactions. For Direct Payment transactions, PayPal does not offer an explicit Seller Protection Policy.

However, we will do our best to fight any chargeback cases on your behalf.

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