Changing my email to my other email account

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I would like to change my email to a diffrent email I have . The problem is that I have tried to request money from it (by accident ) some time ago , now it is telling me that I cant use that email . What can I do to fix my email so that I can use my new one ? 

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Hi davidtempfile, and welcome to the Community!


The PayPal system will not allow you to send money to or receive money from yourself. Since that email address was involved in a transaction with you in the past, the system has ruled out the ability to add it to your account. It will not be able to be added to your PayPal account.


I know that the money request was accidental. I regret that it's not a setting that can be changed. If your current PayPal email address is no longer valid, you might consider setting up a new address with a free email provider.


I hope this helps!



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