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NEED HELP: Credit Card blocked

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NEED HELP: Credit Card blocked

Hello, so I recently registered on PayPal and linked my credit card, I clicked to get a Code to remove limits. And got two 1.5$ Bills with different codes. And when I've tried both of them they didn't work and my credit card got removed and I cant no longer register it on the account. Is there anyone to contact from PayPal support to resolve this issue? I can easily prove that credit card is in fact mine and that I got codes but they didn't work. Please help me out because my business runs online and I depend a lot on PayPal. Best regards, thank you!

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Re: NEED HELP: Credit Card blocked



To contact PayPal:


1. Click "Help" at the top menu.

2. Click "Message Center"

3. Log in and message PayPal your problem.


You can also message PayPal via social media:

Facebook (Worldwide):

Twitter (Worldwide): @AskPayPal 


For future reference, I believe it is to always best to try the most recent code that was received if you were sent more than one code.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂