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My instant transfer was flagged for security review


My instant transfer was flagged for security review

. I NEEDED this to go through immediately so I paid them their fee to happen “immediately” and BAM flagged for review..might take up to 24 hours..blah blah blah. So I called. The philippino guy who answered the phone gave me some generic explanation saying it was due to irregular activity. I asked what specifically was irregular about transferring $100.00, and he said bc I transferred $38 the day before and $65 the transaction before that and then $200 preceded by $75. What the hell is irregular about transferring different amounts?? Who needs the exact same amount of money every time they’re in a bind or someone sends them money?? My bf is in the military out of state and sends me money through PayPal all the time and my mom also helps me out occasionally with small amounts. All of our accounts are verified and I’ve used the same card for transfers from the same people countless times. Why now is this being held?? My house was broken into a week ago and I was assaulted so I packed up my things and came to a hotel until I feel safe enough to go back or find another apartment and the Paypal rep refused to reverse the transfer so I could refund and have sent through square Cash or another service that IS ACTUALLY IMMEDIATE. I need this money to pay for another night here. He had the nerve to suggest I ask the owner of the hotel to take the remaining $20 I had in my PayPal as a deposit..she’s an older Indian woman who doesn’t have a Paypal account nor will she accept $20 as a deposit. She needs to get paid for her room and I need my money to be available to me however I see fit to spend it. No supervisor available and he couldn’t help me. Amazing how humans don’t have the capability to override computers these days. Not amazing, scary AF!! Thanks for whoever read my angry venting session. So frustrating. Paypal sucks. /rant

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Re: My instant transfer was flagged for security review

This is exactly what is happening to my account as we speak, im tired of paypal i have reported them to the BBB. They are unprofessional, they intimidate their customers, they purposefully do things to peoples accounts to keep them from their money, they are absolutely unhelpful, and heartless.