Can't withdraw my funds


PayPal just want to rip me off, playing games with me, at first **bleep**ing PayPal 201 days ago my account made permanent limit without any valid reason. then i got mail from PayPal about my funds are eligible for withdraw at Mar 5, 2019, 1:18 AM. but today i'm writing you about this but still i can't withdraw my funds, i sent 14 email to PayPal Support. but not yet i didn't get any valid response. when i sent them first email they asked me for my identity, then i sent them my driving license, then they told me my license are not valid, asked me photo again, then i sent my passport, then i asked about my withdrawal problem. then they stopped response, then i can seen my notification button my account temporary limit they are verifying my business document. then i call support they told me they are refreshing their system. i can withdraw after 72 hour, then again i tried for withdraw. but no progress, again i call them again i got same suggestion. then again i tried after 72hour, got same result & again last time 4 days ago i talked with PayPal support, told them everything, but my bad, got same suggestion. now still i'm trying after 4 days ago for withdraw funds, but still nothing. that's why i'm writing to resolver for resolve account problem. just asked to PayPal & let me know they are going to give me my money or they need my money as Begging ? if PayPal want my money as Begging, then told them for ask me this money like Beggar. that's it. nevermind. I'm just totally fedup.



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