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downgradde from business account to personal ?


Re: Change from business account to personal account

It doesnt come up my account.

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Wrong Account Type

My account type is showing BUSINESS. I do not have a business.  How can I change this?


Switching account

How can you switch account back to a regular PayPal?

My account



I've made a buisness account, but it's not complete. I realized I don't need a buisness account for using paypal the way I am, and I'd like to get rid of my account/make it personal. How do I do so?


Change account

How do I change my account back to just a regular PayPal individual account from a business account??

Business to personal

How do i swith my paypal business account to a personal account


Change account

I have a business account and don’t actually have a business and should have a personal account how do I change it
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Re: Change account



1. Go to and log in to your account.
2. Click Help & Contact near the bottom of any page.
3. Select Contact Us at the bottom of the page.
4. Click Email us.
5. Choose ‘Managing My Account’ in the Topic box, then select ‘Change account type’ in the Subtopic box and lastly select 'Downgrade my account' from the drop-down box.
6. In the Message field please write that you would like to downgrade your account and the reason why. Then, click Submit.

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I opened my account under my sole proprietor name, and because I can't provide  company registration docs, paypal have restricted my account. I have tried repeatedly to explain that in South Africa a sole proprietor doesn't need/or get such documents. I have even sent links to SARS AND CIPIC web where government explains this. But I get the same response over and over - I guess it must be automated.


So now I'm trying to downgrade ... but the first step of the instructions to do so are incorrect:  Click Contact Us at the bottom of any page.

BUT these is no "Contact Us" at the bottom of ANY page?


Help anyone???? I need to get Paypal to release much needed income.



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Well there is because I can see it at the bottom left of this page.

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