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Dropshipping MCC question.


Dropshipping MCC question.

I've looked in the forums and have not found an answer.. At least from what I have seen.
Trying to change my personal paypal to business paypal when I got stuck at Product or Service keyword (MCC). 

I had thought I found one, but it includes India. (0108 Goods sold under merchanting/Receipt against export leg of merchanting trade.)

This is an individual business type, I am located in the States and the items are coming from China to the States. I would also like to dropship from printful and another US POD business later on, and to be sold in the US.


My eyes wants to fall out my head from looking so much.  Will someone please let me know what MCC (Product or Service keyword) this type of account would be?

Thank You.


Re: Dropshipping MCC question.

I am guessing it's this? 

5399: Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores