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Should I accept eBay payments through PayPal?

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I had someone message me with interest of buying multiple of an item I had listed.  I told them I would offer them a discount for buying the items in bulk and they agreed.  They said to send them an invoice and they will send me the amount I asked for plus shipping for next day shipping.   This buyer has all positive reviews on their account.

I don't really know how invoices work on PayPal.  Is it possible for this buyer to pull back the payment after I ship the item?  If I send them an invoice can they make a claim that the item was never delivered and take their money back?  I'm asking these questions only because I've heard stories about people getting scammed on eBay like this where buyers ask to do payments off eBay.  Usually however they asked to do it on a website that has nothing to do with eBay, but PayPal is pretty interlocked with eBay and is typically pretty secure.  

What are your thoughts?

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