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Please help!

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Hi, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  Around 5 day ago, I received an email from Paypal and Depop to say somebody had bought an item from my Depop for £200 - this transaction was not me therefore not legit.  The buyer had already sent the money which went into my Paypal account (I assume the scammers who accessed my Depop were not aware it was still my Paypal) I contacted the buyer to explain the situation and that i would obviously send the money back.  The buyer disputed this on Paypal and I could select refund, which was fine.  However, the purchase was £200 and Paypal took a £6.10 fee and then paid £20 to Depop for this, meaning I have lost £26.10 for this.  I disputed this £20 payment to Depop in paypal who said it was authorised in the resolution centre.  I have tried to find an email for Paypal to no avail.  Could someone please advise on what to do next?  TIA 

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