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Paid debt; new PayPal, with questions

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Ok: so I have had a PayPal for a cpl years as a self employed individual, having several ways to accept payment makes life for me and my clientele easier. Once upon a time I had an unhappy client (one of those-no matter what your not gonna please me type deals) for whatever reason he had, he demanded I refund his money. His reasonings were outrageous and I declined the request. Well- he turned to PayPal and a short time later- they took the money from my account and returned it to him. Right before I had a bill coming out, so now that negative 180 was now -300. I disputed it, and I don’t actually remember the outcome but either way business wasn’t amazing at the time and I ended up owing close to 200 when all was said and done. I didn’t have a choice but to let my account go. Well not my best moment but I kinda forgot about it, I tried once to make a new one and they wouldn’t let me get a cash card or much of Nythig else.. so I gave up on it again. I recently received a letter from a debt collector, for that account. I paid the debt. Now, I’ve made a new account, and I’m curious, since I paid the debt, will a cash card be a possibility or is it gonna be a waste of time trying ?

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