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Can somone help me please

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I have put something up for sale on facebook and the person that is interested has sent the required amount of funds we agreed on to my paypal but nothing is coming up. She has sent it sent me confirmation ect. told me to look in my spam box and now it says that i have to send a tracking number to recieve my funds. she done it by Seller & Buyer for paypal. I'm just confused...this is the email i got is it legit, if i get a tracking number will i get funds. the funds do not show on my account and as you can see on the email said that the funds will show in my account until i reply to the email with a tracking number.... please someone get back to me

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 22.26.22.png



Can somone help me please

New Community Member
How do I change my business account to a personal accoun

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