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Permissions you've given to PayPal

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Under the tab in PayPal account where it says this, it lists my bank account and shows 3 permissions given. There is an option to remove permissions. If I removed the permissions would it remove my bank account completely?


Permissions you've given to PayPal


Hello @Salan0,


That's a great question!


Removing your banks PayPal permissions will not remove your bank from your PayPal account. In your permissions section, there should be a description of each permission and what it allows that merchant to do with your information. This would typically include things like allowing a bank or card company to update your card information on your behalf to give an example. You can read about your Privacy Rights and PayPal's Data Collection policies in our Privacy Statement. You can manage your data settings and permissions at any time directly from your PayPal account. 


I hope I answered your questions today.


Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!


-Megan S.




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