I can't access the login page for Paypal on my PC

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I can't access the login page for Paypal on my PC. When I click the "Login" button on the Paypal homepage my computer attempts to connect, but all I see is a blank page with a circle in the middle that goes round and round endlessly. I have let it go for up to a half hour but nothing else happens. How can I get past this page?

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Hello @josephandem

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I'm sorry to hear you're unable to log into your PayPal account because the page won't load. I hope you've been able to log in since, but if not, I recommend clearing your cache and cookies if you're using a browser. If you're using the PayPal Mobile App, you can also clear the App's cache in your phone's app settings. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest trying a different browser to see if you can log in there. From what you've mentioned, it sounds like there's a connection issue; disconnecting and reconnecting your device from the internet may also help. 

I hope you can log in soon! 

- Meghan

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